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Sep 30, 2019
The new website gathers helpful material for the activity at bertso-schools. In addition, it wants to support the communication among these groups.

The bertso-schools (or bertso-eskolak as they are called in Basque) are the basis of the bertsolaritza movement; in fact, thanks to these places of meeting and training, more and more people join the movement.

Surf on!

The preparation of the lessons or sessions for the school entails a previous work of collect and creation, and the new website has the aim of making it easier. Users will access an endless amount of material: a digital library with 700 topics to sing about, a rhyme searcher and a wide range of melodies, around 400. Furthermore, there are several exercises for beginners.

There are videos and transcripts of memorable bertsos as well as verses performed with music.

The aim of the website is also to boost the network of these schools and inform each other about their activity.