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Light boost in bertsolaritza events

May 26, 2021
Following the trend of these last months, festivals are the most common type of shows in the cultural programming concerning bertsolaritza.

The beginning of the year has not been good for bertsolaritza. The crisis caused by the pandemic has resulted in a drop of 60% and 25% in shows comparing to previous years – the data of 2020 is better in this case, because the pandemic was not declared until mid-March -. 366 bertsolaritza performances were organized two years ago while the amount has been reduced to 144 in 2021.

In any case, from March on, the bertsolaritza shows have been growing and are continuing to rise: 29 shows took place in April and 47 in May. Regarding the type of performances, the festivals and themed special shows - those where bertsolaris perform on stage while the audience is sitting in front, in a prudent distance – are the most common as these formats meet the measures against COVID-19 better: they are 91.5% of the events.

There are still few shows based on the so-called friendly and freestyle performances; those where improvisators perform in the street while being very close to the audience and those which are developed within a meal.

Data of performances, first months oh 2021 


Relying on Lanku

Lanku is a company that offers services to organize events. More and more local organizers trust Lanku to meet their needs regarding bertsolaritza events as last data shows: its demand is being growing in recent times. In 2021, from January to May, Lanku carried out 45% of acts, while two years ago it was 30%.

29 shows took place in April and 47 in May. / XDZ