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Hitzetik Hortzera, bertsolaritza on television

Sep 03, 2020
The veteran TV show will come back on the 12th of September to the first channel of the Basque Public Television, ETB.

Hitzetik Hortzera will start its 31st season on the threshold of autumn, on the 12th of September. This well-known television programme has come a long way, spreading bertsolaritza all along the Basque community.

Eider Perez will continue hosting it in her third year in a row, and she will introduce us to a wide range of people related to the improvised verse singing art in Basque. A collection of bertsos gathered in the performances of previous days all over the Basque Country will be broadcasted as well. Besides, many memorable bertsos of the past will be remembered in each programme by members of several schools of bertsolaritza. Interesting topics such as written bertsos, championships or the working conditions of bertsolaris will be addressed.

Due to changes in some sport events which will be broadcasted on television, Hitzetik Hortzera will be rescheculed to Saturday (it was usually on Sunday), at least, at the beginning of the coming season. It will begin at 9:00PM, in ETB1.

Eider Perez will host the TV programme.