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Eskolartekoa - the interscholastic championship - will start on February 16

Feb 07, 2018
Qualification rounds and regional finals will prepare the way for the final of the Basque Country, taking place on June 9 in Sara (Labourd).

Eskolartekoa encourages teenagers to sing in front of a wide audience to promote bertsolaritza among the youngests fans of the art of improvised verse singing.

The championship includes off-competition performances for youngsters under 15, as well as competition for compositions for those who prefer to show their artistic skills in written forms of expression. The main part of the championship focuses on youngsters aged 15-18, who need to sing on the spot in front of an audience  – following the convention of regular  championships’ performances by professional bertsolaris: i.e.,  taking into account topics given at the very same moment by the host and, of course, the usual metrics and rules that bertsolaritza involves. All competitions will be carried out in a festive atmosphere.

The first coming shows will be held in the province of Gipuzkoa. Starting on February 16 in Zestoa, there will be performances every Friday during a month; the final will be on April 20 in Lastur.

There will be four qualification events in Biscay prior to the final of the province  on May 6 in Balmaseda.

Regional final in Navarre will be held on April 20, in Alava on May 12 and jointly for Labourd, Low Navarre and Soule on May 19. There will be another act for children in Alava on May 26.

Once regional finals are over, the qualified participants will take part in the championship of the Basque Country in Sara (Labourd) on June 9. All contestants participating in this final act will have the chance to join and enjoy the stay "Ahots Baten" (In One Voice) for young artists organized by Mintzola Oral Workshop jointly with other associations and institutions.

The Association Bertsozale Elkartea and The Federation of Basque Schools organize the championship.

In written verse

Apart from improvised singing, there will also be competitions for written verses in Gipuzkoa on May 6 as well as in Biscay and Alava later in spring 

Last year the final was in Sara as well. / XDZ