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26,300 pupils and 47 teachers will be involved in bertsolarism in the classroom this school year

Oct 25, 2017
Thanks to the work done over the last two years, they will have access to updated teaching materials.

Following the current trend, this school year has also seen an increase in the presence of bertsolarism in statutory education. In total there are 507 schools, all over the Basque speaking area, where this subject will be taught, and 26,300 pupils will take part in the project during the 2017-2018 school year. State schools, Christian colleges and Ikastola schools are all participating in this initiative.

The Bertsozale Elkartea association has the teaching material "Mundu bat bertso", created by the group of teachers who work in the classrooms each day. The material includes learning phases, a selection of bertsos for the pupils, games, information about the technique and more. It is very user-friendly material that contains illustrations by Mirari Sagarzazu as well as comic strips by Unai Iturriaga and Patxi Gallego. In addition, the selection of bertsos has been put to music with the help of Oskar Estanga, adapting them to be sung with the help of the screen. The teaching material also includes a list of different melodies, as well as a selection of videos of bertsolaris performances in public squares. Lanku publishing house has been responsible for the design and publication.


The school year has started in the Bertso Eskolas

The beginning of the school year has also seen the bertso eskolas opening their doors. They operate in about 120 towns throughout the Basque-speaking region. Anyone who is interested can enrol, both young people and adults.

Those interested in enrolling in a bertso-eskola in their local area should just get in touch through the nearest association.