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Activity areas


The task of the Transmission Department is divided between the bertso-eskolas (schools of bertsolaris), compulsory education and the holiday period.

Main objectives:

  • Curate data on bertso-eskolas and design a map of bertso-eskolas
  • Encourage analysis and debate on bertso-eskolas, provide means, promote interchanges and organise the VI Bertso-eskolas Meetings
  • Design the Curriculum for Bertsolaritza and Ni ere bertsolari (I’m a bertsolari, too) project for compulsory education.
  • Organise summer camps and other, shorter events.
  • Manage this corner of the bertso-eskolas portal and undertake the digital publication, Seiko motza.

Contact for information: Esti Alberdi and Ixiar Eizagirre. transmisioa[at]

Promoting knowledge

The task of the Department of Promotion consists of guaranteeing the promotion and publicising of all aspects of bertsolaritza.

Main objectives:

  • Organisation of National Championship
  • Preparation of the Day of the Bertso
  • Promotion of bertsolaritza on radio & television
  • Reflection on authors’ rights for bertsolaris
  • Conclusion of study of town-to-town bertsolaritza
  • Drawing up of rules and criteria pertinent to dealing with bertsolaritza in the print media and undertaking a seminar on the subject.

Contact for information: Jon Agirresarobe. sustapena[at]


The task of the Research Department consists of making viable studies and research on bertsolaritza. This department is divided into two fields of work:

Xenpelar: Documentation Centre

  • Undertake systems for curating of data and documentation, as well as the recording library, video library, periodicals library, book library ... dealing with bertsos.
  • Meet the demands of all users
  • Publish the Bapatean annual
  • Maintain and update the electronic address:
  • Continue with the digitalisation of performances
  • Complete the Haitzondo data base
  • Curate the performances from the Navarre library of recordings.

Contact for information: xenpelar[at]

    Research group

    • Encourage, promote and/or support studies on bertsolaritza.
    • Defining research liens for bertsolaritza. Notable in this section is the Research Map being undertaken, an infinitely useful tool for identifying material worked on and fields for investigatio
    • Participate in various think tanks and studies:
      • Finish the Style Book on bertsolaritza
      • Analyse and rewrite criteria for scoring improvised bertsos
      • Update the “Bertso Doinutegia” (bertso songbook)
      • Initiate a study of bertsolaris and aficionados of bertsolaritza
      • Participate in the intercultural group
      • Reflect on the bertso-eskolas (schools of bertsolaris).

    Contact for information: Karlos Aizpurua. ikerkuntza[at]


    The task of the Communications Group is organising both internal and external communications for the Bertsozale Elkartea.

    Main annual objectives:

    • Publish the bulletin BertsoZalea berripapera aimed at members
    • Organise the annual calendar of events and the fiesta following the General Assembly
    • Keep the webpage updated
    • Monitor media treatment of bertsolaritza
    • Draw up a communications plan for the National Championship and carry it through.

    Contact for information: Estibalitz Esteibar. komunikazioa[at]