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"What is bertsolaritza?, on the web

Dec 05, 2018
The documentary film has been released in San Sebastian-Donostia with the aim of providing a tool that we hope bertsolaris, academics and other agents working around the world will find useful.

Among other features, the documentary includes an appearance of the Sardinian improvisor, Paolo Zedda, who says that "What surprises him the most about bertsolarism is its capacity to strengthen a universal communication register". People from abroad are amazed at the number of enthusiasts who are attracted by this expression of improvised singing. Since it is not easy to understand this phenomenon without seeing it live, What is bertsolaritza? has been made with the aim of satisfying this need.

The 20-minute documentary has been filmed in English with Basque, Spanish and French subtitles. It enables people to discover bertsolaritza from its roots and to pay attention to the context, creative process and current situation of the discipline, as well as the Bertsolaris Championship. The project also includes several bertso recitals about universal subjects that help to explain and understand the discipline.

The film was produced with the collaboration of the Basque Institute Etxepare and the orality institute Mintzola Ahozko Lantegia, and sponsored by Laboral Kutxa. It was released yesterday in Tabakalera (San Sebastian-Donostia) with the aim of showing people abroad what bertsolaritza is. Participating in the presentation were Irene Larraza, Director of the Basque Institute Etxepare; Marije Etxaniz, Communications Director of Laboral Kutxa; Andoni Egaña, trustee of Mintzola Ahozko Lantegia; Eneritz Urkola, Director of the documentary film What is Bertsolaritza?; and Bingen Zupiria, Councillor of Culture and Linguistic Policy.

The documentary is already available on the web.


The film was released yesterday and it's already available on the web.