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Hitzetik Hortzera will be back on October 6

Sep 26, 2019
The television programme about bertsolaritza will begin a new season with TV presenter Eider Perez. It will be every Sunday, starting at 3pm, on ETB1.

Hitzetik Hortzera is one of the biggest showcases that bertsolaritza has. The television programme will begin its 30th season on the first Sunday of October, keeping its schedule on ETB1: it will be broadcasted every Sunday at 3pm. Eider Perez will be in charge of introducing the main topics and interviewees of every programme.

Last season a magnificent collage was completed with the illustrations made in each episode. In this edition, the presenter will walk with a red suitcase in which she will keep all the objects, photos and all kind of souvenirs that interviewees give her.

Besides, there will be new sections: humour will have its place at the end of each programme, and viewers could also send bertsos; we will know the favourite ones of famous people too. Artistic disciplines that converge with bertsolaritza will be addressed and the work of women bertsolaris of the past will also be acknowledged as Hitzetik Hortzera will prepare a series of seven episodes to remember these women. There will be some monographs focused on certain bertsolaris as well.

The programme is produced by Bertsozale Elkartea in collaboration with ETB, and the script will be provided by the collective Txakur Gorria.

On October 6 we will begin to fill the bertsolaritza suitcase. Are you ready?! On Sundays, at 3:00 p.m., on ETB1.