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Do you know the Xenpelar Documentation Centre?

Oct 16, 2018
An audiovisual in four languages allows us to discover the work done in the centre.

The Xenpelar Documentation Centre is constantly working on the collection and organization of bertsolaritza heritage, and offering it to the media, researchers and, in general, to whoever interested in this improvised verse singing art. In order to make this work known better, a short video in four languages is available online, on website and on its YouTube channel.

The audiovisual will allow us to bring closer to the documentation centre. The legacy of Xenpelar Centre is mainly based on the activity of the bertso-eskolak (schools of bertsolaritza), teachers, journalists, researchers and bertsolaris. In the video, users as well as employees explains the whereabouts of the project.

The video is in four languages; in addition to the original Basque, it has also Spanish, French and English subtitles. In spite of being a centre specialized in bertsolaritza, that is, a specific oral activity in Basque, it is a project of international interest and therefore, it is available in different languages.

Since its creation in 1991, its collection has been created according to its own documentary system: recordings, photographs, melodies, newspapers... all kind of information and documents are included.

This collection of oral heritage is available to researchers, bertsolaris and citizens alike. Although the headquarters is in Amasa-Villabona, a large sample of information and documents is available online at