Two coordinators from now on

Jul 03, 2019
Idoia Trenor Zulaika and Jon Agirresarobe Lopetegi are the new general coordinators of the association Bertsozale Elkartea.

Aritz Zerain Miner announced in March that he was going to quit his post as coordinator at the association Bertsozale Elkartea. In order to improve the management of the association whose project is getting bigger the last recent years and to meet the needs of the bertsolaritza movement in the best possible way, the board of management has opted for a coordination composed of two people.

Therefore, Idoia Trenor Zulaika and Jon Agirresarobe Lopetegi "Torrotxo" will be from now onwards the general coordinators of Bertsozale Elkartea.

Trenor has a Degree in History of Art as well as the expert degree in the transmission of Basque culture issued by HUHEZI (the University of Mondragon). She has been a member of several associations of Basque cultural activity and feminism.

Agirresarobe has a Degree in Humanities and Communication, and he has worked, among others, in Euskadi Irratia as a radio host. Subsequently, he has also completed the postgraduate degree in transmission of Basque culture and he is currently carrying out the master’s degree in cultural management. He has worked the last decade in Bertsozale Elkartea as head of the promotion area, which is in charge of the organization of championships and Bertso Egunas (Bertso Day).

This step forward follows the transition made last year, when the model of presidency and its representatives were changed. The association is reinforced and motivated to face future.

Idoia Trenor and Jon Agirresarobe with Aritz Zerain in the middle. / XDZ