Bertsozale Elkartea

Pamplona to be the centre of bertsolari singing on Sunday

Dec 13, 2022
The National Bertsolaris Championship will end on Sunday, with the final held in Pamplona's Navarra Arena. The eight finalists and representatives of Bertsozale Elkartea have announced the details of the final.

The National Bertsolaris Championship has been running for nearly three months, and this Sunday 18th December it will culminate in the final, to be held in Pamplona's Navarra Arena.

Bertsozale Elkartea representatives Oier Iurramendi Etxeberria and Gontzal Agote Los Santos appeared at the venue today, accompanied by the eight finalists: Aitor Mendiluze Gonzalez, Alaia Martin Etxebeste, Amets Arzallus Antia, Beñat Gaztelumendi Arandia, Joanes Illarregi Marzol, Maialen Lujanbio Zugasti, Nerea Ibarzabal Salegi and Sustrai Colina Acordarrementeria.

First of all, Gontzal Agote recalled that this championship comes after some very complicated months: "When we presented the championship in June, we had a feeling: bertsolari fans were especially eager for this championship, to fill the venues once more, to share experiences again; and fortunately this feeling was right and that's how it's been from day one".  

He also added that there was some concern about the state of the bertsolari singing scene, but that this had disappeared in the course of the championship. "This championship has reflected the reality and the variety that currently exist on the bertsolari scene: in the way people construct bertsos, in the way they approach topics, in the way they seek an edge, in their search for new paths, in their desire to make contributions, in subject matter, in the way they work on individual approaches and more". We have seen all these things throughout the championship, and they are "something we can also expect in this final as well".

For his part, Oier Iurramendi stressed that 13,000 people will be watching the final at the Navarra Arena: "Tickets have been sold out since September". However, the Bertsozale Elkartea representative recalled that there are other ways to watch the final live: "It can be seen live on ETB1, presented by Ilaski Serrano and with commentary by Jon Martin, or on the portals and Also, many other media will be giving extensive coverage to the final on Sunday".

Iñaki Murua is to present the txapela to the champion

As announced, this year Iñaki Murua Jauregi will have the job of placing the txapela on the winner's head after the final. As well as being a bertsolari himself, Murua has always been a great promoter of bertsolari singing, both in his home town Gabiria and throughout the Basque Country. From 2005 to 2018 he was the president of Euskal Herriko Bertsozale Elkartea.

Along with Murua, other eminent figures will be handing over the other prizes, representing bertsolari singing, culture, the Basque language and improvised singing at international level.

International representatives

Representatives from other countries will also be at the Navarra Arena on Sunday, as there will be experts in improvised singing, together with practitioners of this kind of singing elsewhere in the world. The final will also be watched by a group of international journalists. 

Practical instructions can be found in the guide to the final.

Today's press conference also recalled a series of useful tips for Sunday. Iurramendi listed the best car parks close to the Navarra Arena (Galaria-La Morea shopping centre and UPNA), as well as the best way to get to the pavilion by car (on the A-15, exits 83 and 83B).

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