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Concerning decision-making, there are two main sites: the annual general assembly where all members of the association are invited, and the board of governors whose members are gathered monthly.

General assembly

  • Functions:
    • Approve budgets & projects
    • Elect members for positions of responsibility
  • Composition: All members
  • Frequency: Annual

Board of governors

  • Functions:
    • Accomplish the decisions of the General Assembly
    • Manage & run the association
    • Represent the association
  • Composition:

Collegiate presidency - voluntaries: Beñat Gaztelumendi, Gontzal Agote, Igor Elortza, Maialen Lujanbio, Miren Artetxe and Xabi Igoa

Presidents of regional associations - voluntaries:
Alaitz Rekondo (Nafarroako Bertsozale Elkartea)
Asier Ibaibarriaga (Bizkaiko Bertsozale Elkartea)
Ekaitz Elorriaga (Arabako Bertsozale Elkartea)
Saroi Jauregi (Gipuzkoako Bertsozale Elkartea)
Xumai Murua (Bertsularien Lagunak Elkartea)

Area representatives - voluntaries:
Beñat Gaztelumendi (Research)
Jone Uria (Promotion)
Oihana Iguaran (Transmission)

Promotors - employees:
Idoia Trenor (General coordinator)
Jon Agirresarobe (General coordinator)
Estibalitz Esteibar (Director of communication)
Marta Agirrezabala (Coordinator of Lanku)

  • Frecuency: Monthly